Photo Shows are more than a slide show

  • Display time of photos are customized for each photo, and varies depending on how many people are in the photo.
  • Transitions and other timing match the music, which creates a heart beat.
  • Zooming and other movements are customized for the photo, and not randomly generated by the computer.
I take pride in making these shows entertaining for the guests and to show the personality of the ticktocker.

Copies of the DVD with all the shows, along with the girl's voice-over, can be purchased and make lifetime keepsakes.

For the Fallbrook Chapter each show is 2 minutes long. This gives each girl the same amount of time and is not dependant on how many photos the show has. At least 25 photos will fit in a 2 minute show, with an additional 10 photos that I try to fit into the show, depending on how much time the first 25 photos need. (photos with groups of people need to display longer and take up more time than photos of just the girl)
Examples of NCL Photo Shows (with voice-overs)

These shows are to give you an example of what I can do for your chapter.
They show how many photos fit in a 2 minute video and how much fun the shows are.

(click on a picture)

The quality of the shows have been reduced for easier internet streaming and the shows may not be smooth when played here. Original shows, when played from the DVD, will play smooth on your TV.

I can also provide a projector and screen for showing the Photo Shows at the Senior Presentation.

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